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Cape Town South Africa

We offer Cheap flights to Cape Town by comparing all airlines offering flights to Cape Town! Cape Town, often referred to as the Mother City,  is home to Cape Town International Airport. The airport is a mere 15 minute drive from Cape Town city centre. Cape Town International Airport hosts numerous domestic and international airlines including; Mango Airlines, FlySafair, Kulula Airlines, British Airways, South African Airways, Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines.

Domestic Airlines offering flights to Cape Town



Being one of the youngest Domestic Airlines in the South African skies, FlySafair have provided some great competition to their older rivals in terms of cost and service.

cheap flights to cape town

Mango Airlines

Often referred to as Flymango, this airline is a veteran to the Domestic market. Providing consistently low prices and continued great service, Mango Flights are a good choice


Kulula Airlines

The green plane in the sky is most definitely a Kulula plane. Kulula South Africa are known for on-board humor during the course of the flights. If it’s a smile you need when flying then Khulula are your go-to airline.


British Airways

Typical of British Airways is their attention to detail. When flying with BA in South Africa you will certainly get that added service and attention to detail.

Popular Domestic Flights to Cape Town

Route Departure Date Airline Logo Airline Price
Flysafair Flights To Cape Town From East London 4 Apr Flysafair R669
SA Airlink Flights To Cape Town From Kimberley 31 May SA Airlink R1 144
SA Airlink Flights To Cape Town From Kimberley 18 Apr SA Airlink R1 144
South African Airways Flights To Cape Town From Pilanesberg 14 Jun South African Airways R1 459
South African Airways Flights To Cape Town From Pilanesberg 9 Sep South African Airways R1 489
Cemair Flights To Cape Town From Plettenberg Bay 25 Mar Cemair R1 534
Cemair Flights To Cape Town From Hoedspruit 27 Jun Cemair R2 534
South African Airways Flights To Cape Town From Umtata 2 May South African Airways R2 934
Prices based on live searches up till 7 Feb 00:00 and are subject to change.

Affectionately known by many as the Mother City and the beating heart of South Africa, Cape Town promises tourists a host of incredible vistas, pristine beaches and memorable experiences to boot. The great news is that cheap flights to Cape Town, via Cape Town International Airport are available for a limited time, making the Mother city accessible to everyone.

A mere 15-minute drive away from the city centre Cape Town International airport accommodates all of the world’s most popular local and international airlines, from British Airways to SAA, Kulula, FlySafair and Mango, to name a few who are all offering some form of cheap flights to Cape Town

Here’s what you need to know before planning a trip to this notorious, proudly South African city.


Cheap Flights to Cape Town: Prices

Right now there are a number of exciting flight specials to Cape Town that you should really take advantage of. Cheap flights to the Cape Town are no longer simply for the uber rich. Using our online browser find cheap flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town from R499, cheap flights from Durban to Cape Town from R599, Safair flights to Cape Town from R599 and even some cheap flights from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town for as little as R799 each.


What Makes Cape Town Stand Out?

Must-See Landmarks


Close your eyes and picture Cape Town – what do you see? A Mountain?

There’s little doubt that the majestic landmark of Table Mountain is synonymous with Cape Town as one of the city’s greatest highlights, but it definitely isn’t the only thing that the Mother City has to offer its tourists. Other must-see landmarks and points of interest include Robben Island, the Atlantic Rail, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, City Hall, Iziko Bo Kaap Museum and Iziko Koopmans-De Wet House.

Pristine Cape Winelands

Cape Town is also the home of fine wines in South Africa. Did you know that the city boasts over 3 000 wine producers?

Exploring the infamous Cape wine routes, from the coast right through to the Little Karoo, and taking a wine tasting tour or two, is an essential part of every itinerary, even if you’ve visited the Western Cape many times before. Don’t forget to stop off in the diversely quaint and historic towns along the way, such as Franschhoek, Stellenbosch and Robertson.

Gorgeous Sandy Beaches

While the ocean might not be suitable for swimming all year round (it’s the chilly Atlantic, after all), the beaches are always welcoming to anyone in search of fresh sea air and invigorating strolls with breathtaking views.

The four Clifton beaches are regarded as some of the most stunning there are – not only are the beaches themselves exquisite, but sun-seekers will also be able to enjoy the city’s most talked about mountain vistas, with Lions Head and the 12 Apostles taking centre stage.

Eccentric Locals

Yes, Cape Town has a lot to offer its visitors – but it’s the locals who usually steal all of the attention! Known for being friendly, unique and wonderfully eccentric, you never know who you might meet when out and about on the city’s vibrant streets.

Shameless Shopping

From upmarket boutiques to special little stores full of charming trinkets, there’s plenty of shopping to do in the Mother City, especially at the V&A Waterfront, Canal Walk, Cape Quarter and Cavendish Square. The city is also known for its charming markets, with Greenmarket Square, the Watershed, Church Street Antique Market and Hout Bay’s Bay Harbour Market being the most popular.

When to Visit Cape Town

You’re in for a whale of a time regardless of when you choose to book flight tickets to Cape Town, but if seeing the whales is the main reason why you’re planning a visit, July to September are the best months to travel!

If it’s beach-ready weather that you’re after, we recommend that you book your tickets to Cape Town during the summer months (December and January). This is obviously peak season, so if you’d prefer to skip the crowds, an even better time to book cheap flights to Cape Town would be during Autumn (March – May) while the weather is mild and not yet too chilly, ideal for hiking or cycling some of the magnificent mountain trails you will find in the city surrounds.

What’s the Weather Like in Cape Town?

A 3-year dry spell causing the worst drought in decades has brought the best out of Cape Town and its population of 4 million. Capetonians knuckled down to deal with one of the most drastic civic water conservation campaigns ever devised, averting a crisis of epic proportions. The good news is that the winter rains of May and June, which came a little late in the year, have swelled Cape Town’s dams so things are looking up.

From a temperature perspective, Cape Town is a lot milder than many other South African cities. With an average of 24 degrees from November through to February, and temperatures rarely exceeding 31 degrees on the warmest days, summer is a pleasant experience in Cape Town.

Winter is generally the rainy season and temperatures tend to range between 8 – 18 degrees Celsius on average.

Where to Stay

Cape Town is home to a variety of stunningly luxurious hotels and private house lets, guest houses, lodges and suites. You can’t really go wrong here. Having said that, many will agree that the most popular choices for accommodation include The Grand Daddy Hotel, City Lodge, Strand Tower Hotel and Harbour Bridge Hotel & Suites. These accommodation options will set you back between R500 – R3 000 per night – which isn’t too bad considering how much money you’ll save thanks to the incredible flight specials to Cape Town!

Do I Need a Visa?

Local South Africans don’t need a visa to travel to Cape Town – your passport will do just fine (and only required for identification purposes). However, if you are travelling from another country, it is important to check the official list of passport holders who are exempt from visas for South Africa (you can find it here). These passport holders will be able to enter SA, and Cape Town in particular, without a visa for a maximum period of 90 days.

If your country is not included on this list, you will need to apply for a visa in person at a South African consulate.

Is Cape Town Safe?

Tourists need to remain vigilant no matter where they are travelling to, and Cape Town is no exception. While it is still considered to be one of the safer cities in South Africa, crime is a reality that everyone needs to be aware of. Try not to carry any valuables on your person and keep all cash locked away in a safe at your hotel. Avoid entering any dark streets or alleys and never walk around alone at night. If you plan to be hiking, cycling or running the trails, it is always safer to do so in larger groups. Oh, and remember to keep an eye out for opportunistic pick-pocketers and bag snatchers, especially in crowded places like shopping malls.

Are There Any Health Concerns?

Cape Town is generally a healthy, hygienic city. However, you may need to guard against hepatitis B (which is spread through sexual contact, contaminated needles and other body fluids), rabies (which is spread through the bites of infected animals), hepatitis A (which is spread through contaminated food and water) and typhoid (also spread through contaminated food and water).

Having said that, if you are up to date with all of your vaccinations, avoid drinking tap water, and you don’t behave recklessly during your visit, you should be perfectly fine.

What’s the Cost of Living?

Cape Town is pretty much standard when it comes to the cost of living. Expect to pay around R100 – R150 at a reasonably-priced restaurant. Local draught beers cost about R25 with a craft beer closer to R40, while a pleasing bottle of red wine will set you back R150 in a restaurant and a cappuccino R23. You’ll be able to buy a pack of good quality cigarettes for R38 and a metered taxi will set you back approximately R10 per kilometre.

How to Get Around Cape Town

Once you’ve caught your cheap flights to Cape Town and landed at the airport, you will discover that the transport system in and around Cape Town is pretty decent. You will find a good balance between metered taxis, minibus taxis and buses. There’s also obviously a car rental option. You’ll be able to locate a reputable car rental agency both at the airport and all around the city.

The MiCiti Bus system is usually reliable and will take you to many of the most popular attractions around the area. You’ll need to purchase a MiCiti card (it is possible to do so at the airport) in order to make use of the buses. The card costs R35 and is a must for all except children under the age of 4. You will need to load money onto the card before hopping on a bus. Single trip cards are also available, but are non-refundable.

If you opt to make use of metered taxis, you’ll be able to distinguish them by the yellow sign on the top of the vehicle. Minibus taxis are a much cheaper option, but they definitely have a reputation for being the more dangerous alternative as a result of reckless driving.

Other Need-to-Knows

The currency used in Cape Town is that of the South African rand (ZAR) and the most commonly spoken languages include English, Afrikaans and Xhosa (although you’re sure to be exposed to many more seeing as though South Africa has 11 official languages!).

The city’s time zone is GMT + 2 and the travel adaptor that you’ll need to bring along is a Type D / M / N.

All in all, Cape Town promises a rejuvenating, eye-opening and truly memorable adventure with a perfect mix of both natural and man-made wonders. Treat yourself to a holiday that you won’t be quick to forget – book cheap flights to Cape Town today!